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Homeschooling During a Crisis…

Posted by Erika

…and why it renewed my love of teaching my kids.

How our year was going before the pandemic…

This past school year we had been trying something new with our children. Our local school district has a part time school geared to help the large homeschooling presence in our community. Our kids went twice a week to school and got help with anything I needed help with teaching them. The school supplied any and all curriculum we needed. If they didn’t have it there, then they would order it for us. It has been a huge blessing for us this year. We have saved a ton of money on school books and our kids got to meet new people and make new friends.

First Day of School for #5

With all good things however there is always a downside. Our kids were thriving. Our family unit was not. We had had an eventful year which you can read about here. But as the year went on, our previously relaxed schedule of retired life had turned into running kids around to places and pausing trips to see family because the kids had school.

Then the pandemic hit…

Honestly my spouse saw it coming. She likes to keep closer tabs on whats happening in the world than I do. She started mentioning it in February, by early March we had opted to keep the kids home from school. They kept picking up new bugs from school and it was getting old. So we kept them home mostly to let that settle down and get it out of our systems before we sent them back, but by the time we were ready the schools had closed. They were allowed to just take a couple of weeks off in the beginning while everyone figured out what to do.

Working on Phonics together

How has it effected us?

Our school was extremely prepared for this. Thanks to almost all of the students already having work to do at home on our at home schooling days. Their teachers just asked that we have them do work for at least four days of the week. From our past homeschooling experiences, I preferred a four day week so that was no problem. The only issue I was seeing as I was planning for the next few months was how quickly I was going to run out of stuff for them to work on. After that initial couple of weeks, our teachers set up times for the parents to come in and grab any materials we may need for our kids to keep them going to the end of the school year.

How has this helped our family?

It reminded me especially how much I enjoy teaching my kids, and watching them learn new things and explore the world around us. This year I had taken a back seat in their learning experience and I hadn’t realized how much I missed it all. The in depth planning, the watching new things click in their heads, and the exploring. We used to go off the deep end on various topics when we saw that something peaked one of their interests. That is something that we just hadn’t had the time for prior to this pandemic shutting everything down.

How has this not helped our family?

Honestly not by much. We missed being able to see Grandparents for Easter. The kids have also really missed friends in their classes. Thankfully their teacher had a wonderful idea of having the little kids (my 3rd, 2nd, and kindy are in the same class) be pen pals with another student. They have gotten to make sure their friends and their families are doing okay, and getting something in the mail is always a fun experience for little kids.

How will this effect us in the coming school year?

Before this pandemic shook everything up we were thinking of sending our kids to the full time schools this coming year (aka normal public schools). We have had some bad experiences with public school in the past but that was in a completely different state. You can read about our past public and homeschooling experiences here.

We have had nothing but good experiences at this new school district. Our main reason behind putting them all in public school is our house. We are about to start the foundation this week and having little ones not under foot for just a few hours each day would incredibly help us get the house ready for move in before winter sets in.

Nothing is set in stone for the coming year and we probably wont know where our children will be learning until it is actually happening. As with most things going on right now we will just have to wait and see. However this has definitely renewed my love of homeschooling and I will greatly miss it if they do go to public school in the fall, but you wont see me complaining if they have to do distance learning for a bit. This has definitely helped our family unit during this season of life we are in.

I hope you and yours are being careful and staying healthy in all of this. At this point there is no way that this wont effect every person in one way or another.

God bless,


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