Frequently Asked Questions

Are they all really yours?

Yep, I have the tiger stripes on my belly to prove it too, just in case the fact that they all look like miniature versions of my spouse and me didn’t convince you.

Did you always want 6 kids?

Yes and at times no. A good friend and I used to tell each other growing up that we wanted to grow up and have six kids and a suburban. yeah as of June, 2017 we both accomplished that. After the first two were born we thought, nah we’re good with just two. Then we thought “what the heck” and went back to the original plan of 6. So after almost 3 years after #2 was born, out came #3. From there we thought, “lets not have an odd number of kids” so then came #4. After her and a cross-country move we thought “well we are pretty close to hitting that 6 mark so why not go for the original plan of 6. So then came #5 and #6. Looking back it’s hard to think of our lives with anything less than the children we have.

Will you have more kids?

Nope. I was actually injured during childbirth with #5, and the results didn’t really show till I was late in the pregnancy with #6. My body simply can’t handle it and that is ok. We are happy with our horde the way it is.

You sure have your hands full don’t you?

Yeah… I know. I like to give sarcastic responses to strangers when I am asked this question, but living in the South has changed me, now my response tends to go along the lines of “yep, and they are the best blessing ever!” kind of along the lines of “well bless your heart”

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