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Fall 2017 Bucket List

Posted by Erika

I know we may be a couple of months into Fall but our busy life has gotten the best of me with not having time to write posts. Family will always come first. So here is our family’s Fall Bucket List for a very busy family.

  • Go to the Movies. My husband got to complete this one with the older three kiddos, I took one for the team and stayed home with the little girls so they could go see the new Thor movie.
  • Decorate or carve Pumpkins. Due to time restraints we opted for painting some mini pumpkins this year. From our experience when you have more than three kids, carving a pumpkin with each kid can be very time-consuming.
  • Create Homemade Costumes. I remember as a kid loving the homemade costumes that my mom would make. Making things with the kids is a simply joy for us and we try to do it as often as possible. This year I got to help the boys make some Minecraft masks.
  • Go Trick-or-Treating. This year I drew the short straw for this one and got to walk for two hours with the kiddos, thankfully it was still warm for Halloween!
  • Go on a Nature hike.
  • Collect some fall leaves. Seem’s like every time we leave the house the kids are collecting fall leaves while waiting on me to unbuckle or buckle up the littlest ones from the car. Hoping to use their collection for a fun leaf craft in the coming weeks.
  • Include the kids with the Thanksgiving cooking. Last year our oldest helped out with the pie making and has asked again if she can help with the pies. However I feel it is important for all of the kids to learn how to read recipes well, it is a very important skill to know. Plus it gives me some extra help on top of extra bonding time. When I include the kids in the kitchen I tend to separate them so it’s not all six trying to help with the same thing because next thing I know the messes will be overwhelming.

    Her pie from last year.
  • Create Christmas Lists. Our extended family all lives on the other side of the country so making our kids Christmas lists early on helps them so they have time to send anything out.
  • Clean out the kids unused toys. With Christmas on the horizon this time of year we tend to do a purge of the kids toys. With how much our families bless them each Christmas it can get overwhelming pretty quick and with a cross-country move on the horizon this is very much-needed this year.
  • Clean out the kids dressers. Kids grow quickly and thankfully a few weeks ago I got this accomplished and everyone now has the correct sizes in their dressers but it is still warm here so I have a feeling that I will be doing it again before Fall is done to bring out their colder weather clothes.

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