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Why We Don’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Posted by Erika

Valentine’s Day, that time of year when everything in stores are suddenly pink and red. Hearts and chocolate are in abundance as well. You wont catch me complaining about the chocolate part, but I sure don’t see the point in singling out one day a year to show your love for the special person in your life. Personally you should be doing it way more often than just one day a year.

In our house you wont see anything special like flowers or Valentine’s Day cards on that day. The only thing you may see are some fun crafts that I let the kids do because I think they should be taught about all of the different holidays, why different people celebrate them, and how they celebrate them. However, I wont encourage something that is mostly a commercial holiday. Most people tend to ignore that it all started with a murder and somehow over the years of people being mindless sheep it has turned into a day of commercialized hearts, candy, and declarations of love.

Let me add that yes we have on occasion celebrated this day when the kids were in public school. We even did homemade Valentine’s a couple of years in a row with cute little rings made out of pipe cleaners and Hershey kisses. But still it just seems like a pointless holiday to us.

So apologies for not having my kids make each other valentine’s cards now that we home school along with having all of their food pink and red themed for the day. We’ll spend it reading about the origination of Valentine’s Day and all of the different opinions as to who Saint Valentine was, and enjoying all of the sales on chocolate on the 15th.

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