Building Update 8-20-18

Posted by Erika


Over the last week we have had some major improvements done to our property. The first one was getting satellite internet set up. After many calls and a few run-arounds with various companies not being sure who will get us connected to the interwebs we finally found ViaSat. After getting our dish set up and felling a couple of trees we have somewhat reliable internet. The joys of being so far away from civilization also means the creature comforts of fast consistent internet is not accessible where we are.

Installing the new power pole.

The even bigger improvement is officially being back on the grid. On Thursday the electric company brought out a beautiful new power pole and set all of the hardware up and Friday morning they were back bright and early to get everything connected and running. We had been using a gas generator since coming to the property two months ago. Two months of constantly making sure it had gas to run the AC and keep things running. We are very thankful for the electricity. It is so quiet now. The first couple of nights I had a hard time sleeping due to waking up from not hearing the hum of the generator then remembered it’s not on cause duh, we’re plugged in. It has certainly brought us some peace of mind, and saving us money for sure by not having to go fill our gas tanks every couple of days.

the moment we plugged in our camper for the first time.

As for what’s next on the to do list around here, we will be installing a gate on our property, due to some recent break-ins in our area, this one item has now been pushed to the top of our list. Insurance can only go so far and hardly helps with the feeling of being violated when you get robbed. So we are doing what we can now instead of being too late down the road. Of course if anyone is stupid enough to rob us while we are there, it will most likely be the last thing they do. I like my guns and I don’t miss.

In other news… The smoke is horrible up here! And just look at that beautiful new power pole! 

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