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Building Update 7-19-18

Posted by Erika

18 dump truck loads later…. and we have a driveway! For those that may be curious, 10 of those loads were crushed concrete for a solid base, then 8 more loads of 3/4 minus to give us a smooth top. I could not thank the guys over at Toner’s Sand & Gravel¬†enough for helping us get this part of our project done. They could have just dumped it and left but they did a dump while driving thing that spread it out for us making us only have to rake over the patches where they started and stopped. We look forward to doing more business with them in the near future as they also do foundations and septic work.

However, next on our list of stuff to get done around here is getting on grid electricity. The property already had power poles and lines going to the old well house but the transformer was removed at some point. So if you just put two and two together. Yes that means that we have been living off the power grid for almost a month now. What we have been doing is using gas-powered generators. One of them is thankfully quiet, for the camper trailer. And another one which is our back up for the camper but also mostly used for the hubby’s tools when they need to charge.

We still are dealing with paper work and waiting on official house blue prints to get more going, so there has been a lot of hurry up and wait going on. But thankfully our 15 years with the USMC we are well prepared for that. In the mean time we will be continuing the never-ending process of cleaning up the massive amounts of trees we have. I wish we could just keep them all but for forest fire safety reasons and with the tree’s health in mind some have to go. On the bright side, it’s more fuel for us for the winter!

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